We craft timeless legacy portraits that will hold a special place in your heart, forever

Birmingham, Al. and Trussville, Al.

I am Breanne, a mother, and the heart and soul behind The Picture House, a sanctuary where the art of photography meets the beauty of life's most poignant moments. With an unwavering passion for empowering women and a touch that transforms a simple photo session into a luxurious experience, I am thrilled to extend an invitation for you to embark on a photographic journey unlike any other.

In every woman, there is an untold story of grace and strength. My mission is to bring that story to light through the lens of my camera, crafting images that are not only photographs but pieces of art. My expertise lies in creating an atmosphere where you can unveil your elegance and celebrate your individuality in its most glamorous form.

As you stand before my lens, allow yourself to be transported into a world of luxury and fine art. Whether it's capturing the delicate curve of a smile, the boldness of a gaze, or the intimate moments that define you, each portrait is a testament to the exquisite beauty that each woman possesses.

With almost a decade of experience in the realm of fine art photography, I have honed the ability to see beyond the surface, to the very essence of my subjects. So step into The Picture House, where your beauty will be immortalized in portraits that speak of glamour, elegance, and the eternal art of femininity. Let's craft a vision of you that will stand the test of time.

Preserve Your Legacy with Elegant Portrait Photography

Investing in Portrait Photography:

Cherish Beautiful, Tangible Memories Forever

Picture a magnificent print that will grace your home, an heirloom to be treasured by generations. Our living spaces should echo with the things we cherish, and I take joy in providing you with luxurious art that immortalizes your precious memories. These pieces are more than art; they're a bridge to the past and a celebration of your family's legacy for the future.

Beauty & Glamour Portraits

Celebrate your unique allure with a beauty and glamour portrait session that captures the essence of your elegance and emotions in stunning detail.

Fine Art Intimate Boudoir

Unveil and celebrate your unique beauty through timeless portraits that blend elegance, vulnerability, and empowerment in an intimate celebration of self.


Nestled in the heart of Trussville, Al., our new portrait studio welcomes you with warmth and a personalized touch, ensuring a comfortable and bespoke experience for every client.

Step into an oasis of tranquility in our studio,  ambient candles, exclusive hand-painted backdrops, and elegant music harmonize to create an immediately serene atmosphere. Breanne's intimate approach to her craft, combined with her effortless style, results in an unforgettable portrait experience, crafting heirloom pieces that will be cherished for generations.


“My portraits are a true


- Absolute Perfection!“


"I saw CONFIDENCE, STRENGTH and EMPOWERMENT. I was almost brought to tears looking at myself."


"I have never felt this beautiful.  ALL women should have  this truly remarkable experience. "


“Breanne made me feel like a QUEEN. She captures your personality in the best way possible. 100000000/10 💗


I was floored! If you're on the fence about taking the leap - DO IT!

Our photoshoot experience covers everything that goes into creating a beautiful and luxurious photography experience for you.

Photoshoot Design Consultation

Access to our exquisite wardrobe

Make-up and Hair Styling


fully guided 


Viewing & Ordering Session

Contact us to embark on a luxurious exploration of custom styling and photography, where we celebrate and immortalize life's most precious moments.

Awards & accreditation

Professional PHotographers of America
The Portrait Masters Silver 2024
The Portrait masters bronze with distinction 2024
the portrait masters bronze 2024
the portrait masters bronze with distinction 2023
the portrait masters bronze 2023

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